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January 18
January 18

Cockfighting with knives is certainly no longer too strange to those who have a passion for this subject. It is a form that has appeared for quite a long time, but still retains its appeal until now. Because the number of bettors participating in betting is increasing day by day. So if you are a rookie, do not understand this genre, let’s explore with us through the content of the article.

Cockfighting with knives

Cockfighting with knives is a sport originating from the Philippines, in which the fighting cocks are equipped with additional weapons. This form is quite similar to the iron spurs in Vietnam. However, the metal spurs are sharpened and sharp like a knife blade, with extremely high lethality.

The difference between cockfighting with knives and the normal type
The difference between cockfighting with knives and the normal type

For this category, the breeds that are usually used for competition are American and Peruvian. Because these are fighting cocks with strong appearance, endurance and suitable for these dangerous matches. In addition, in Vietnam, they will use smaller and round-headed types to reduce the impact on fighting cocks because the traditional knife spurs are too sharp.

Live cockfighting with knives

Previously, due to the outbreak of the epidemic everywhere, most of the cockfighting arenas in Thomo had to temporarily close. Therefore, to meet the needs of the brothers during the days of isolation at home. Currently, there are many online cockfighting websites with knife spurs appearing from foreign arenas. The most prominent of which are the entertainment playgrounds in the Philippines and Mexico.

Watch exciting and thrilling knife fights anytime, anywhere
Watch exciting and thrilling knife fights anytime, anywhere

These places will give you moments of enjoyment, watching beautiful chickens, dramatic matches. Ensure players feel like they are watching in a real arena. To watch live cockfighting , everyone accesses the official website and chooses the channels they want to entertain.

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Cockfighting rules with knife spurs

When participating in any sport, players need to understand the rules of the game. Cockfighting with knives is the same, when you have this knowledge, it will help you increase your winning rate a lot. Here are some important rules to know that we have compiled through the content.

Know the rules before betting on any match
Know the rules before betting on any match
  • Before entering the arena, the referee will start weighing, checking the ring code, and carefully reviewing the spurs. This step is mainly to check whether your fighting cock is legal and in accordance with the law or not.
  • In addition, the cockfighter is also allowed to check the opponent’s spurs to protect his own interests. After that, the referee will take the next step of asking the riders to let the fighting cocks peck a few times. The purpose is to help the fighting cocks always be ready to follow the command.
  • Especially the position of the jockey, the jockey and the rooster must always be under control until the command to prepare is heard. Both sides move closer to each other to wait for the command and release the fighting rooster.
  • Next, after the cockers are released and fighting, the referee will only give the order to catch when one or two cocks are stuck.
  • The referee has the right to order when to catch the cock, so when this command is given, the fighting cock must be caught immediately whether or not it has been tagged.
  • During a cockfighting match , no one, including the referee, is allowed to touch the fighting cock until an order is given to capture it. This order is only given when a cock is stuck to its opponent or when there is a mistake.
  • At any time during the match, if the referee discovers or suspects that the spur is caught in any way, he is obliged to order a stoppage.
  • The jockey must be able to remove the spurs from his own fighting cock. To remove the spurs, the referee will grasp the other fighting cock under the knee and not lift it off the ground.
  • Besides, the jockey is not allowed to touch the opponent’s fighting cock at any time.

American Cockfighting Philippines

Currently, the keyword American cockfighting in the Philippines is being searched quite popularly. Because it is not only hot abroad. But it is also developing rapidly in Vietnam. Unlike other genres such as cockfighting with knives and iron spurs, this form is broadcast continuously from morning to night. Sometimes there is a schedule from 8am until 3am the next day.

Therefore, this method is suitable for those who love the sport but are busy with work and do not have time for entertainment. In addition, to be able to watch and bring a lot of bonuses to their pockets. Players should learn more about the experience of playing American cockfighting. Let’s take a look at some good tips from experts summarized below.

Learn from the experts in the profession to increase your winning rate
Learn from the experts in the profession to increase your winning rate
  • Limit your chicken’s contact with strangers before the start of the match. Because if your fighting chicken meets strangers, there is a high chance that its life will be in danger.
  • Be careful to observe your opponents, because in some cases they can cause damage to your fighting cock.
  • Cockfighters should not compete when the health or vision of the chicken is unstable. This will help you avoid a loss and ensure the match is fair.
  • Pay attention to the situation on the field when the fighting strength of the two sides is different. There is a high possibility that they will take the opportunity to play dirty, so you need to always be on guard to avoid falling into traps.
  • In case the spurs of both sides stick together, absolutely do not let the opponent remove it. Because in cockfighting with knife spurs , they may take that opportunity to injure your fighting cock, leading to the inability to continue fighting.
  • When you are hit by a dangerous blow from your opponent and it seems that you can’t continue, stop the match to protect your chicken. Because fighting chicken is an extremely important factor, supporting and helping you in the process of making money later.
  • Be careful with the person holding and fixing the chicken before each round. Because if you are not careful, it can cause your fighting chicken to be lame, as well as making it difficult to participate in the next match.

Watch JILINo1 cockfighting live today

To watch and bet on cockfighting matches in particular or other forms in general. Then you can not ignore JILINo1 , because this place provides sharp video quality, along with a stable, smooth transmission. Helps the monitoring process not lag, affecting the player’s mood.

There are also live commentators right in the match. They will describe the developments to help bettors grasp the clearest. Moreover, they will be commented to exchange, learn and share experiences with experts. In order to contribute to increasing the winning percentage many times more than usual.

Cockfighting with knives is the information we want to share with you through the above article. Hopefully it will help new players have the most general view of this form. As well as grasp the rules of the game before participating, supporting the best entertainment process. Finally, I wish you will have interesting experiences at the playground, if there is any problem, please contact us immediately via the hotline.

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