Dragon King Fish Shooting And Tips To Hunt Lots Of Gold Coins From Experts

Dragon King Fish Shooting brings a colorful ocean world, helping players become the master of the sea with extremely attractive rewards. With simple gameplay, diverse themes and modern weapons, players can easily join and earn bonuses at JILINo1 , see now! 

Introducing Dragon King Fish Shooting

Play Dragon King fish shooting at JILINo1
Play Dragon King fish shooting at JILINo1

It is undeniable that Dragon King Fish Shooting is attractive at online game portals today when the number of members is increasing rapidly. Find out information and outstanding advantages of this game right below: 

What is Dragon King Fish Shooting? 

Dragon King Fish Shooting is one of the reward games produced and developed by Dee Dee Fun Company Limited. Only launched since 2019, but up to now, the game has attracted millions of fishermen to join the fish hunting every day. 

Dragon King Fish Shooting not only impresses with impressive 3D graphics, vivid sound effects but also has many other outstanding advantages. Including aspects such as: Multilingual, attractive reward rates, diverse marine life, many levels of choice, … 

Why Dragon King Fish Shooting has become a trend? 

The game is highly appreciated by gamers around the world because of the following outstanding advantages: 

  • Professional design: Fish Shooting Game invests in design with top-notch 3D graphics, sharp and full of fresh colors. Players can freely transform into fishermen hunting fish and dominating the ocean without feeling bored. 
  • Sound effects: The game is meticulously crafted in terms of sound, creating an extremely realistic feeling. Players participating in the experience can easily notice the sound of guns, falling fish, etc. 
  • Diverse fish species: Dragon King Fish Shooting also brings a diverse world of marine life from small to large and rare marine creatures with high reward value. 

Detailed rules of Dragon King Fish Shooting

Basic rules of the game that gamers need to know
Basic rules of the game that gamers need to know

Similar to traditional Fish Shooting, the rules of this online reward game are also very simple, easy to understand and easy to implement. Players refer to the rules and types of guns below: 

Game Rules 

Gamers who want to hunt for more bonuses must shoot down more sea creatures. Joining Long Vuong Fish Shooting, players will be equipped with guns and weapons to hunt fish. 

The game is also designed in a hierarchical manner to help gamers choose a room that suits their skills and experience. Dragon King Fish Shooting has 3 levels: Newbie, Expert and Dragon King. Each level will also have its own characteristics and corresponding betting levels, increasing with the difficulty of the game. 

Guns in Dragon King Fish Shooting 

Gamers who transform into fishermen conquering the ocean will be equipped with the following guns: 

  • Dragon Bazooka I: This is the most basic weapon with a mutation factor of 10X, equipped with 30 free bullets and bullets with a factor of 1 to 6X. 
  • Dragon Bazooka II: A more upgraded weapon, with a base multiplier of 10X and equipped with 20 – 120 free bullets. 
  • Dragon Bazooka III: The most advanced weapon in the game with 15 – 135 free bullets with a coefficient of 1 – 12X. 

How to load money and buy guns 

Upgrading weapons helps players destroy monsters with high reward value and the reward will definitely be within reach. The operation of depositing money and buying guns is also very simple, gamers follow the instructions below: 

  • Step 1: Players access the game portal’s homepage, click Deposit and then choose the appropriate payment method. 
  • Step 2: The system will display payment methods via: Bank account, e-wallet or scratch card, gamers choose and follow the form. 
  • Step 3: After money is loaded into the wallet, players access Long Vuong Fish Shooting, go to the equipment section to buy or upgrade guns and ammunition as desired. 

Attractive bosses and equipment in the game

Learn more about the hot Dragon King Fish Shooting
Learn more about the hot Dragon King Fish Shooting

When it comes to the vast ocean world that brings bonus coins and relaxing moments of entertainment to players, it is impossible to miss the attractive bosses and equipment. 

Explore the bosses 

One of the important factors that affect the player’s experience and bonuses is the type of boss and its attractive reward rate. Because the gold coins that gamers receive will depend on the sea monster hunted, including: 

  • Big fish are harder to take down but the reward rate is double or triple that of small fish. 
  • Mermaid with attractive bonus ratio of at least 150X. 
  • Special black dragon with huge reward. 
  • Lucky Golden Crab has high reward but is not easy to shoot 
  • Dragon King boss with reward ranging from 100X – 500X, is also the biggest monster in this game. 

Types of equipment 

To become the master of the sea, gamers will be equipped with many types of weapons and special features to easily conquer marine creatures including: 

  • New weapons: Besides guns, gamers can increase their destructive power to hit the target with many new weapons such as radiation, cannons, poison, etc. 
  • New features: Many special features in Long Vuong Fish Shooting also help players become fish hunting bosses easily, such as fire bullets, fast-firing combos, etc. 

How to upgrade equipment 

Join the game and have enough coins, gamers can upgrade equipment to increase their fighting ability. This is very important to help players easily deal with rare creatures and earn as many bonus coins as possible. To upgrade, players access the Equipment section in the main menu of the game and then choose to buy the desired type. 

Tips to play the game Dragon King Fish Shooting to win easily from experts

Tips for playing Long Vuong fish shooting game from experts
Tips for playing Long Vuong fish shooting game from experts

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Although the rules of the game are simple and do not require too much skill, gamers who want to be sure of winning must immediately remember the following tips: 

The fastest way to gain experience 

Tips for playing Dragon King Fish Shooting are drawn from the experience of veteran players, gamers should apply them immediately: 

  • Choose the right position: Players should choose the right shooting position to easily hunt many fish and big bosses. During the game, they should also change positions if they notice that other areas have more creatures. 
  • Focus on bosses: The more bosses you hunt, the higher the reward, so players should focus on equipping to not miss them. 
  • Use guns properly: Each type of gun has different speed and damage ability, so gamers must know how to use it properly to kill fish quickly. 

How to beat bosses to get more experience

Fishing experience from experts
Fishing experience from experts

Players who want to defeat the boss in the game Long Vuong Fish Shooting can apply some of the following strategies: 

  • Use strong weapons: To easily destroy strong bosses, players need to use guns with high damage. 
  • Understand information about the boss: Gamers must understand and grasp information about the boss to have an effective shooting strategy. 
  • Support equipment: Features like boss speed slowing, electric shock or radiation help simplify hunting rare bosses.

How to make more money in game

In addition to equipping weapons to shoot down fish, players can also earn money from the game easily thanks to other valuable items. Typical examples include: pearls, treasure chests, etc. In particular, reputable game portals also update many attractive incentive programs, gamers follow to receive rewards every day. 

Dragon King Fish Shooting is a reward game with attractive reward rates, helping players win bonuses easily without requiring too many skills. However, this is also an addictive game that can affect life if players get carried away and do not have the right stopping point. Gamers who love fish shooting, join now at JILINo1 to hunt for coins to exchange for cash today!

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