How to play JILINO1 fish shooting game to receive big rewards

From the famous game that once bombed the amusement parks to the online money-making game version on technology devices, fish shooting is still the most popular game in the market today. If you are a beginner or have not won big when playing, try referring to this article on how to play the JILINo1 fish shooting game to receive big rewards!

What’s special about playing fish shooting games at JILINo1?

What's special about playing fish shooting games at JILINo1?
What’s special about playing fish shooting games at JILINo1?

Fish shooting was introduced to Vietnam in 2012-2013 and has taken entertainment areas and supermarkets by storm, leading to a series of large and small fish shooting shops.

However, not everyone can access the fish shooting game in this way. Therefore, the online fish shooting game was born, giving players the opportunity to access the game anytime, anywhere, extremely conveniently on any device. Along with the development of the online game and betting market, many bookmakers have been born and are constantly developing technology and bringing incentives to users. So what is special about fish shooting at JILINo1 compared to other bookmakers:

– Unlimited entertainment on PC and mobile with a unified interface, easy to access and operate on all devices

– Diverse in design and graphics such as: shooting mermaids, shooting dragon fish, shooting sharks, shooting sea kings, shooting giant octopuses,… each game has its own unique and attractive features.

– 3D fish shooting game quality with extremely cool images, vivid as if lost in a real ocean. With interesting sound effects

– Big rewards, high winning rate, x2, x3 or maximum x5 rewards…

– Promotional offers, continuous refunds

– Support customer care and complaint resolution 24/7

– Deposit, withdrawal and payment policies are often quick, simple and clear.

– Absolute information security

How to play JILINo1 fish shooting game

The following JILINo1 game news will guide you on how to play JILINo1 game.

  • Step 1: Register for a JILINo1 account
    How to play JILINo1 fish shooting game
    How to play JILINo1 fish shooting game

Link to JILINo1.

To play game at JILINo1, you need to register your account at JILINo1 by filling in the information required by the house > confirm your account > click finish

After you have an account, log in > on the homepage click on FISH SHOOTING.

  • Step 2: Choose a game lobby

You can choose famous game halls such as CQ9, JDB, JiLi, FA CHAI … to participate in fish shooting at JILINo1.

  • Step 3: Choose a game

Fish shooting games at JILINo1 mainly differ in graphics and design. You can also choose the level such as Newbie (novice), Expert (expert), Caishen (god of fortune table for experts).

Each level will have a different reward level, check the reward table to see which fish has the biggest reward when aiming.

How to play fish shooting game to receive big rewards at JILINo1

How to play fish shooting game to receive big rewards at JILINo1
How to play fish shooting game to receive big rewards at JILINo1

In addition to the skills of using weapons and bullets proficiently, you also need to know the ways to play the JILINo1 game below to calculate the maximum ability to kill fish such as:

Choose/watch carefully the fish target you are aiming at to know the speed, the type of weapon you use, so as not to waste weapons.

Keep calm and patient to be able to shoot most accurately.

Usually big fish will have a high hit rate, you should buy bomb items to increase the ability to destroy fish.

Always collect and use different types of weapons to increase your chances of winning.

Ascending Shot: This case applies when you see a school of fish swimming on the screen

Focusing on shooting at the fish head will increase the eating rate more than other positions. You will earn more points with big bullets/bombs thrown at the fish head.

If you don’t have enough weapons to shoot big fish, you can focus on shooting small fish. Although there are not many points, playing in the direction of accumulation from small to large is also a smart choice.

You should shoot as soon as the fish leave the table because you can observe quickly without scattering too many fish, and the fish will also be easier to kill than when they have swum a distance.

Above is an article on how to play JILINo1  game. If you have never experienced online fish games at JILINo1, register for an account and try to experience the ultimate entertainment world today and “bring home” the most attractive gifts!

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