Super Jackpot – The secret to winning all the house’s money with a spin of the jar

Super Jackpot is a game that is always prioritized every time players participate in betting games. The form of spinning the jar is extremely rich, the graphics are fun, the images are new. Make sure everyone can participate because the rules and gameplay are easy to understand. Let’s join JILINo1 Bookie to learn some tips for spinning the jar with a high probability of winning shared by experts.

What is super jackpot?

What is super jackpot?
What is super jackpot?

Super Jackpot is a very popular game because of its simple gameplay and high winning bonuses. When it comes to Jackpot, many people will immediately think of slot games , the amount of money bet each time will be accumulated into a big prize. That is the Jackpot with an extremely high amount of money, whoever is lucky enough to spin this box will be guaranteed to be rich.

Designed to suit online playing conditions, online jackpot has been dominating the betting market. You can play on your phone, computer, iPad as long as you have an internet connection. With new images, easy-to-see graphics with many colors, it gives players a sense of excitement. The game’s shortcut keys are placed in an easy-to-see position so anyone can operate very easily.

Super Jackpot with an extremely rich game store updated daily with graphics such as: Fruit, God of Fortune, Black Panther, Gems, … You can choose a type you like and start betting to win prizes.

Basic jargon

Super Jackpot has a simple way of playing, much easier to understand than other betting games. Players only need to understand a few basic terms to be able to place bets for more chances to win prizes. Here are some key terms that you should know:

Basic jargon
Basic jargon
  • Bet: This is the term that refers to the amount of money each player needs to pay for a jackpot.
  • Total bet: The total amount for multiple spins if you choose auto spin.
  • Spin: This is the spin button that players just need to touch and the spin wheel will start moving.
  • Reels: The results display bar can be horizontal or vertical.
  • Payline: The result after a winning spin, you can choose the payout method or the house decides.
  • Line bet: The amount of money you must bet when a Payline appears.
  • Auto spin: Automatic spin mode, you will choose the number of times you want to spin, the system will do the spinning and cumulative payout.
  • Wild: Is a symbol used to replace some missing points on the Reels and then create a Payline.
  • Scatter: Whenever it appears in the super jackpot , the player will receive a reward and is not dependent on Reels.

Instructions for spinning the jar in detailed steps

Whether playing live or online, players need to follow some basic rules. Players need to place bets within the specified amount, not too low or too high. Use shortcuts according to their functions to ensure the results are recognized. And a special rule is not to use tools, otherwise your achievements will be canceled and your account will be permanently locked.

Instructions for spinning the jar in detailed steps
Instructions for spinning the jar in detailed steps

How to play spin the jar is extremely simple with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Place your bet, big or small, in the correct box.
  • Step 2: Press the spin button to start the system. Each bet corresponds to one spin.
  • Step 3: Wait for the rotation to slow down and finish.
  • Step 4: The system stops and the bonus amount will be calculated based on the results you spin.

Tips for playing super jackpot shared by experts

To make the jackpot process go smoothly and win the most money, players need to know a few more tips. Thus, the probability of you winning the highest prize will be greater.

Tips for playing super jackpot shared by experts
Tips for playing super jackpot shared by experts

Choose the right time

Choosing the time to play is a tip that few people know when playing super jackpot . The house will design time frames to give higher bonuses than usual. So you need to learn and determine this time frame to place bets.

According to many brothers, the most suitable time frame is late at night or early in the morning. At this time, there are a lot of bonuses, so you can pay attention. Avoid office hours or afternoon because at this time it is very difficult to win money.

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Understand the rules and have a capital usage strategy

Knowing the rules is something everyone must follow no matter what game they play. So you need to learn carefully what can and cannot be done so that the game is not interrupted.

Using capital strategically and with a plan is what experts use every time they participate in super jackpot . Because when spinning the jackpot, players can easily get lost in the screen and forget about the amount of capital they have. This leads to many people going broke and not receiving bonuses.

Adjust the rotation speed

The speed of spinning when the jackpot explodes for each case is very important. You can choose to spin many times at once if you see that the bonus is coming in a lot. Or reduce the number of times if you see that the spins do not give many rewards. In addition, you also need to turn off the automatic mode in case it is not too necessary to keep your capital intact.


So, we have shared all the secrets of playing super jackpot to bring the highest chance of winning. You can refer to the playing strategies of the experts to win the jackpot and get the highest amount of money.

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